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Conversion Cylinders

Black powder conversion cylinders, made by Taylor's & Co., allow the use of cleaner and more convenient centerfire ammo in your muzzle loader revolver.  Quick and easy conversions with no modifications.

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Nill Grips

Nill custom pistol grips are made in Germany to the highest quality standards.
They will improve the look, feel, and performance of your prized handguns.

Randall Made Knives

For sport, hunting, or military use, these legendary custom-made knives have been hand-crafted by the Randall family in Orlando, Florida since 1938.  They are in high demand and limited production and will only increase in value over time.

At Dominion Hobby, you'll find a selection of distinctive and innovative products for the outdoor sportsman: Nill Grips, Randall Made Knives, & Taylor's black powder conversion cylinders.  And you can always count on great value and unmatched personal service!